Andrea Chiesi

Direttore R&D Portfolio Management
Chiesi Farmaceutici

Director R&D Portfolio Management of Chiesi Group.
The role entails the coordination of the planning activities of the projects from the Chiesi R&D, contributing to the definition of the R&D strategic plan and yearly budget, tracking of costs, activities and timelines of projects.
The role also involves the search and management of public grants to R&D projects, and the scientific information & intelligence gathering and diffusion.
Started as a bench analyst in the galenic department in 1993, I have then become a project leader and then a manager of the R&D, leading several reorganisation projects and products developments.VP and co-founder of Advanced Therapies Holostem Ltd., a spin-off of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and the Chiesi Group, specialised in the development and manufacturing of advanced therapies, with a particular emphasis on epithelia. The company’s first product, Holoclar®, has been approved last February as the first ever stem-cell based pharmaceutical product in Europe