Christian Baumgartner

Milchprüfring Bayern, Istituto Bavarese per il controllo qualitá del latte

Christian BAUMGARTNER, a 58 year old veterinary doctor by education, is holding the position as managing director of Milchprüfring Bayern e.V. (mpr) since 1996. mpr is the central raw milk testing organization of Bavaria, processing more than 15 million raw milk samples per year for quality control and dairy herd improvement as well as conducting over 12,000 on-farm audits for different quality assurance programs.
Baumgartner is a member in various international working groups dealing with raw milk analysis, especially the detection of antibiotic residues and anchoring routine methods to a safe reference. On national level in Germany, he is contributing to research programs aiming to improve the quality and efficiency of dairy production as well as animal health and well-being.