Gino Sambenati


Since 1980 

2016 to date
Vice General Manager for South America 2002–2015
Area Manager for South America and Technical ManagerVENEZUELA
Railway transport system of the Central Region / Railway link up Caracas -Tuy Medio - Macaray - Valencia - Puerto Cabello. Puerto Cabello - La Encruijada Section.
The Final design of basic and detail engineering, construction of civil works of the central railway system platform, Puerto Cabello-La Encrucijada section of 108,78km in length, of which approximately 15,00km in length built in the urban areas relative to the cities of Maracay (Aragua State) and San Diego (Carabobo State). Construction of 5,1 million m3 of embankments, 32,9km of two-way tunnels, 25,5km of viaducts built in a mixed structure in reinforced concrete and steel girders, 7 passenger stations, and intermodal freight stations (freight villages), 2 yards and workshops, minor construction and drainage works and installation of double tracks.
Los Teques Metropolitan Railways.
Construction of the metropolitan railway between Caracas and Los Teques towns (9,5km) including: 2 trenches of 833m, 7 tunnels (total length 2.496m), 15 bridges (total length 761m), 3 railway substations and canalization of San Pedro river for 1.040m.

1993-2001VENEZUELATechnical Manager
Railway transport system of the Central Region / Railway link up Caracas -Tuy Medio - Macaray - Valencia - Puerto Cabello. First Phase Caracas - Tuy Medio.
The Caracas–Tuy railway line represents the first phase of a plan to improve railway infrastructures which is considered a priority for development, is involved in this plan and is currently working on 3 different key projects which will lead to the construction of a total of over 550km of new railway lines. The project as a whole involved the construction of 24 railway tunnels (90m2 section, total length 20,4km) and 28 viaducts measuring a total of 8,4km, with shaft deep foundations, reinforced concrete piles with a maximum height of 60m and steel girders with spans varying from 30 to 95m. Earthworks totalled approximately 1 million m³. Moreover, works to reinforce slopes were performed along with laying of the permanent way and electrification of the route for a length of 40km. 

1982–1987 VENEZUELADirector Manager

Merida-Panamerican Highway Project (Mocoties-Santa Teresa Tunnel): highway tunnel (90 m2, 2,600 m in length); excavation works (rocks with explosives, 500,000 m3).
El Diluvio (artificial lake) restoration: deviation tunnel (4 m. diam., 23 m2, 570 m. in length); excavation works.
Caracas-La Guaira Viaduct N.1 Tunnel: pilot tunnels for viaduct connection (500 m in length)

1982–1987 VENEZUELA
Engineer, Chief Engineer, Construction Manager and later Project Manager
Uribante - Caparo Hydroelectric Project: 11 km tunnels (6,7 m diam.) (excav.400.000 m3/250.000 m3 concrete) electric powerhouse (80x20x50m, 60.000 m3); 2 Pelton turbines 150 mw each one, 1 reinforced spilling shaft 300 m (6,7 m diam.), 1 air stack (120mt, 12 m. diam.); concrete reinforced pipe line: 7000 steel tons ASTM 516 and 517. The plant is part of the project for the exploitation of the Uribante and Caparo rivers, it consists in the construction of a powerhouse, an inlet tunnel, related civil engineering works and the installation of electro-mechanical equipment. Details of works: civil works and electro-mechanical installations for the open-air 175 MW powerhouse equipped with 2 units; 2 access inspection tunnels having a total length of 900 m with 6 to 9 m. dia.; inlet tunnel 8.000 m. long with a 6,70 m. inner dia., concrete lined over 6.900 m. and steel lined in the remaining 1.100 m.; 2 underground penstocks, each 350 m. long, steel lined with a 4,5 m. inner dia.; 1.500 m. long 2,4 m. inner dia. drainage tunnel of the penstocks and the inlet tunnel; vertical shaft for the control installations of the gates of the water intake, 60 m. high with a 9,00 m. inner dia.; Surge tank, concrete lined, 13 m. deep with a 13,5 m. inner dia.; vertical shaft linking the 2 sections of the inlet tunnel, 300 m. deep with a 6,70 m. inner dia.; powerhouse equipped with 2 x 175 MW Pelton turbines; Access roads.

1980–1982 HONDURAS Engineer
El Cajon hydroelectric power plant project – Lot 1.The plant is located on the Humuya River about 80 Km South-East of San Pedro Sula, in the central part of Honduras. The Lot 1 including underground powerhouse and ancillary works: powerhouse in cavern 110x49x29,5m equipped with 4 Francis-type 75 MW units; access tunnel to the cavern 600m in length, section 83 m2; two inclined pressure shafts (with horizontal and vertical ends and final bifurcation) 200m each in length, section 19 m2, steel lined; 4 tailrace tunnels under the river's level 100m in length, section 17 m2; 4 bulkhead shafts with elliptic section 3,40x6,50m, 25m high; service galleries and rooms for a total length of 1.800m with various sections from 19 to 25 m2; inclined aeration shafts dia. 2,20m, 90m long; adit to the lower part of the powerhouse 5,00x6,00m 13% gradient with bifurcation to the penstocks total length 250m; adits to the vault of the powerhouse 250m long, 5,50x5,00m; outdoor switchyard (154x140m), including steel structures; extension of the existing switchyards of El Progreso (150x60m) and Suyapa (200x100m), including steel structures; switchyard control building; supply, transport, erection and installation of electro-mechanical equipment and steel hydraulic structures supplied by the Employer.

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