Pino Calcagni

Gruppo Besana

In 1962 he starts his professional activity and career.
In 1966 becomes member of the Board of V.Besana S.p.A., company with family tradition, founded in 1921 and registered at Chamber of Commerce in 1935.
In the last 40 years the companies composing today the Besana Group under his management have seen considerable technical improvements for the achievement of high quality in processing, product and service.
The production plant has been enlarged several times and is today one of the most advanced in Europe.
The Group followed quality standards, HACCP and product certification already before any E.U. Regulation was issued.
From 1982 promotes I.N.C. (International Tree Nut Council), taking over its presidency from 1989 to 1992.
In 1988 promotes Besana UK Limited, company specialised in production and distribution of products of the Group on the U.K. and North European market.
In 2000 he is among the promoters and founders of ALMAVERDE BIO, consortium for the production and commercialization of organic products.
In 2002 he is one of the founders of the Mediterranean Fruit Company in Cesena (Italy) with the aim to explore new market opportunities for fresh fruit and vegetables of Mediterranean origin within the Mediterranean rim, in the Middle East and America. He is immediately appointed Vice President.
In 2002 constitution of the Board of Directors of Besana Group, of which Giuseppe Calcagni is elected Chairman.
In June 2006 he is elected President of FRESHFEL (European Fruit & Vegetable Association) for 2 years.
In February 2009 he is elected President of the Advisory Committee Fruit & Vegetables at the European Commission for a biennium.
In 2010 wins the Individual Golden Nut award conferred by INC for his outstanding activity in the nut and dried fruit world.
In 2012 he is among the founders of the consortium Italian Food Tradition unifying the 12 top companies in the Italian food sector.
In 2015 two new companies are constituted within Besana Group in relation to the Eastern Europe & Ukraine Project:
Besana International Ltd and Besana Croatia d.o.o.
In 2016 celebrates as President of the Besana Group its 95th Anniversary going towards a century of family business.
Today he is also Vice President of the INC and, within the same organization, Chairman of the Scientific Committee and the Statistics Committee

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